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Products > Ultrasound Scanner > PT-60 > PT-60 Color Doppler System
Product name : PT-60 Color Doppler System
Product No. : 2018728194226
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A brand-new ultrasound diagnostic platform with innovations in areas of digital electronics achieves a new level of ultrasound diagnostic precision and higher diagnostic confidence. A revolutionary workflow control is provided with the user-centric architecture of the new software platform.


Display Mode
B-mode THI / CFM / PW Doppler / 
M mode
Focusing mode
Acoustic lens focusing, multipoint focusing, point-to-point focusing
256 grayscale + 7 pseudo-color functions
Frame rate
max. 100 frames/s
15-inch high resolution LCD, resolution: 1024x768
Video output
Scanning range
≤260 mm
DICOM 3.0 interface
Storage of individual images and multiframe images in the DICOM format. Supports DICOM 3.0
Depth gain compensation
Overall gain continously adjustable,
8 adjustable depth compensation controllers, TGC curve display
Sound power
20 – 100% adjustable
Digital scanning converter
640 x 480 x 8 bits
Dynamic range
0 – 100 dB
21 levels adjustable, 4 levels for acoustic zoom
Body markers
>100 with indication of transducer position
General Measurement
Distance, area / scope, volume, angle, ratio, orthopedics, stenosis, profile, heart rate, time, EF-Slope
Pregnancy, urology, cardiology, pediatrics
Date, week, time, name of patient, name of physician, name of hospital, transducer frequency, depth, scan angle, focus position, frame rate, depth compensation, sound power, single image averaging, line averaging, edge enhancement, dynamic area, gamma correction, sex, body marking, arrow of transducer position, full image editing, notes, etc.
Power Supply
200 – 240 V ~,Ÿ 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption
80 VA
Continuous operation
≥ 8 hours

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